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Indigo Financial Solutions Ltd: Invoice Finance, Capital Equipment Finance, Unsecured Commercial Finance


Kevin Homer, Midlands Driver Recruitment

Kevin Homer is the owner of Midlands Driver Recruitment (MDR), a company which places temporary drivers. With offices in Leicester and Bristol, and an average of 100 drivers on assignment at any one time, MDR is a thriving business. Around 85% of MDR’s turnover is derived from one client.

Like many recruitment companies MDR funds the working capital requirement for their business by using an Invoice Finance Facility (Factoring). However due to restrictions operated by their Invoice Finance provider MDR were unable to obtain funding on all of the outstanding invoices for their largest customer. This left MDR short on their cashflow each month.

Needing to address the problem, Kevin approached a number of Invoice Finance Companies to seek an alternative facility that would meet his requirements but had no success. One Invoice Finance Company recommended two Commercial Finance Brokers, one of whom was Indigo Financial Solutions, suggesting that they might be able to help.

Kevin said “One broker emailed us the details of an Invoice Finance company who he thought could help us. I had to call the lender myself, and when they sent their proposal back they hadn’t listened to what I wanted. In the meantime, Paul Huband of Indigo Financial Solutions visited me, understood exactly what I wanted to achieve and came back to me with two solid proposals offering the funding we needed. He brought those proposals to me and went through them in fine detail, clearly explaining the pros and cons of each facility, and giving me plenty of good advice. Obviously I decided to work with Paul!”

Kevin decided to leave his existing provider and under the terms of his contract gave the required notice. At this point, despite a number of previously unsuccessful requests to fully finance the main customer, Kevin’s existing provider now took notice and matched the new terms that were being offered by their competitor. “When we received the enhanced terms from the current provider, Paul came up again, went through them with us, and agreed that it would be better for us to stay with them. He gave us plenty of advice and recommendations for negotiating further improvements, even though he was no longer brokering the new deal and wouldn’t be earning anything from it.”

“I felt that Paul had the best interests of our business at heart, and obviously wasn’t just out to earn commission. I valued what he’d done for us and made a decision to pay him for the time that he’d spent working on our behalf. I know that Indigo work in different areas of commercial finance, and I will definitely contact Paul next time I’m looking to raise capital. I would have no hesitation in recommending Indigo Financial Solutions to anyone who is looking for an honest, knowledgeable and likeable Commercial Finance Broker.”

Pat Bakewell, JP Haulage

Paul Huband and his business, Indigo Financial Solutions, was recommended to us by our solicitor.  We were originally working with another factoring broker but, upon checking the deal he proposed, our solicitor advised us that we’d be getting much less of the invoice value than we'd been led to believe.

When you’re working with so-called experts, you have to trust what they say, but it feels as if we’ve been misled by so many people over the years.

Paul is the first person that we’ve worked with in this way that I really feel I can trust.  He’s honest and really appears to care about getting the best deal for us.  He gives the impression that he enjoys his job very much, and that helping people gives him great satisfaction.  It’s nice to feel that we’re working with someone whose purpose is to help US rather than wanting to get the best deal for themselves.  I genuinely feel like he’s there for us through the whole journey, and he won’t just turn his back on us as soon as he’s made some money out of us.

Paul’s honest and straightforward approach is very refreshing.  I’m looking forward to a long term relationship with Indigo Financial Solutions, and would have no hesitation in recommending Paul to anyone looking for factoring solutions.

Paul McLaughlin, B & B Smyth Haulage Ltd

I met Paul when he was first setting up Indigo Financial Solutions and I was setting up B&B Smyth Haulage Ltd.  Just from those initial, brief conversations with Paul, his financial knowledge was obvious. 

It was nine months before I called Paul in and he was very helpful.  He sourced our banking facilities and gave us lots of help and guidance on invoice discounting / factoring.  Two years down the line, he’s come back and helped us with lease finance for buying new vehicles.

I felt very comfortable talking with Paul from the start.  I was able to be candid with him and show my ignorance of the financial options open to me.  He’s a very personable young man and manages to share his knowledge without ever being condescending.  He was able to draw out the information he needed without being invasive or making me feel uncomfortable; something that’s very important when you’re talking about large amounts of money.

I would happily recommend Paul to any other business.  As well as his own area of expertise, he’s very well connected with people who provide other business services, and can make good professional recommendations. He’s even recommended customers to us!

I wouldn’t ever want to lose touch with Paul.  I know that his expertise will always be useful to us and he’ll be our first port of call when we’re ready to expand our business further.

Brendan O’Toole, Coventry Prototype Panels Ltd

My accountant introduced me to Paul Huband of Indigo Financial Solutions.  Obviously this is about as good a recommendation as someone can get. I got the impression when I met Paul that he was trustworthy, and this has proved to be correct.

Over time, our relationship has gone from strength to strength.  Paul has provided CPP with a wide-ranging service, from invoice discounting and raising money through asset finance to being with us when we have met with banks. He has also integrated well into our accounts office and done other project related finance work within the business.  Paul’s input is important to CPP and during busy periods he has worked from our premises, as part of our team, to ensure financial matters are dealt with within correct timescales.  This could be hours or days, whatever it takes.

Paul never conducts his other clients business in our time.  When he’s here, he’s working with us and for us.  He refers to the business as “we” and not “you”.  It is obvious Paul gets as much satisfaction from our success as I do and that his commitment goes beyond the business contract.  He’s considered by all the employees to be one of the team.

Paul looks at business and financial matters in a way that challenges my opinion without being overbearing.  You could say he is good at pointing out the risks that are involved.  It’s important to have that take on things so we can go into projects with our eyes open.  I have to admit that I don’t always take his advice, but it’s good to know that any decisions I make are backed up by his financially astute suggestions. We have worked together for a long period, which I consider important.  The better you know a company, the better you can help it.   Paul has been busy with other clients but has always made time for CPP and not just moved on like many financial service providers. It should be noted that he is contactable during most parts of the day which I very much appreciate.

Paul’s had a lot of experience in different financial areas and across different industries. Our business is definitely stronger as a direct result of his work with us and we do rely on him for many things.

Bill Dunphy, Signs Now UK Ltd

I met Paul Huband, of Indigo Financial Solutions, when I was a visitor to a networking group that he’s a member of.  Like all businesses, Signs Now UK Ltd needs additional funds from time to time and historically I’ve always gone to the bank, not appreciating what alternatives I had. However when Paul explained what he did I realised that he could find me more cost effective solutions than the bank offered.  I really was interested in finding out more about what he could do for my business.

Paul’s worked on several financial packages for Signs Now UK Ltd so far.  He’s sorted out finance deals to procure plant and equipment.  We operate a number of vehicles, from company cars to commercial fleet, so he’s looked at vehicle finance for us.  He’s also provided great help and advice to us on property deals.  We needed to organise invoice financing.  Paul sorted this out for us and it’s really helped us take the risk out of growing more quickly than we could manage financially.

As well as being good at his own job, Paul is very well connected.  He seems to have good business contacts in lots of areas.  I’ve sought his advice a few times when I’ve been looking for professional help in other areas of the business.  Paul’s recommended excellent people in the past, and I’d always ask him first if I was looking for someone else.

I’m a big fan of Paul’s.  I enjoy dealing with him on many levels.  He’s very friendly and manages to communicate financial proposals in a way that’s easy to understand.  He’s incredibly professional and efficient, and I also believe that he’s honest, with plenty of integrity.  I trust him, and that’s obviously important when you’re dealing with money.  I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone else.